The following are official polices of the International Board of Heart Rhythm Examiners. These policies are subject to change at the discretion of the IBHRE Board of Directors. The list provided below does not exclusively reflect all organizational polices in existence. IBHRE reserves the right to update or augment this list as needed.


IBHRE Eligibility Policy – Allied Professional Device Exam
IBHRE Eligibility Policy – Allied Professional EP Exam
IBHRE Eligibility Policy - Allied Professional Device Remote Monitoring Exam
IBHRE Eligibility Policy – Physician Device Exam
IBHRE Eligibility Policy – Physician EP Exam


IBHRE ADA Compliance/Special Accommodations Policy
IBHRE ADA Request Form
IBHRE Audit Process - VCE & Recertification
IBHRE Cause for Sanctions and Sanctions Policy
IBHRE Certification Policy
IBHRE Certification Application Audit
IBHRE Certification Change of Scope Policy
IBHRE Certification Examination Refund & Cancellation Policy
IBHRE Certification Name Change Request Policy
IBHRE Certification Review & Appeals Policy
IBHRE Code of Ethics Policy
IBHRE Non-Discrimination Policy
IBHRE Qualifications, Suspension and Revocation Policy
IBHRE Use of Marks Guidelines
IBHRE Verification of Continuing Education & Recertification Policy

Complaints and Grievances

IBHRE Certification Grievance Policy
IBHRE Complaint Policy
IBHRE Complaint & Grievance Form 


IBHRE Board Service Agreement
IBHRE Board-Specific Policies
IBHRE Conflict of Interest & Disclosure
IBHRE Conflict of Interest Complaint Form
IBHRE Decision Making Authority & Succession Plan (Governance Structure)
IBHRE Guiding Principles Governing Leadership Appointments
IBHRE Investment Policy
IBHRE Travel Policy
IBHRE Whistle-Blower Code of Conduct Policy


IBHRE Confidentiality Policy
IBHRE Impartiality Statement
IBHRE Privacy Policy

IBHRE Item Writers

IBHRE Exam Developer Honorarium Policy
IBHRE-C3 Item Writer Policies

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