Employer Justification Toolkit

Instituted 30 years ago as the NASPExAM®, IBHRE continues to serve as a benchmark of professional competence for health care professionals around the world by offering four unique certifications designed to demonstrate knowledge in cardiac rhythm management. IBHRE offers materials for prospective examinees to seek sponsorship support from their employers with the Justification Toolkit. Your employer will value your knowledge and commitment to safety and quality in patient care through support of certification, professional development and recertification. 

General Tips Before You Meet with Your Employer

  • Focus on how your IBHRE certification can enhance the organization as a return on investment.
  • Offer to create and deliver a short presentation to your colleagues to share what you have learned and the benefits of certification, so that others can be inspired and motivated to get certified. Presentation can be found in the IBHRE Marketplace .
  • Share the exam content outline  with your supervisor so he or she can become familiar with the core competencies the IBHRE exam focuses on.
  • Communicate how The Heart Rhythm Society validates IBHRE Certification.
  • Prepare a plan showing specifically what costs need to be covered to successfully achieve the certification.
  • Access IBHRE Statistics .

What Should Be Included in Your Justification Package

Achieving Global Excellence in Heart Rhythm Management