Mentorship Program

Are you currently seeking advice from an IBHRE certified professional? Do you need assistance with preparing for an IBHRE certification exam?

IBHRE maintains a team of highly knowledgeable heart rhythm practitioners to provide career counseling and certification guidance to heart rhythm management professionals. These individuals serve as mentors through the IBHRE Ambassador Program. If you are interested in a mentorship, please complete this application and email it to

Note: Participation in IBHRE's Mentorship Program does not guarantee successful completion of the certification exams.

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Seeking More Resources?

The IBHRE Scholarship Award was developed to create an opportunity for professionals with limited access to certification resources. To assist allied professionals earning the Certified Cardiac Device Specialist (CCDS) or Certified Electrophysiology Specialist (CEPS) certification, IBHRE will provide up to three $1000 scholarship awards to be applied towards the registration cost (recipients will receive a discounted registration fee). In addition, a one-year membership to the Heart Rhythm Society will be awarded - membership is contingent upon review and meeting HRS membership requirements; a current non-member status of HRS is required to receive the complimentary membership.

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