Exam Scheduling

This page provides instructions on how to schedule your exam at a Test Center.

Exam Scheduling for all IBHRE Exams

Please note: No scheduling permit will be required to schedule your exam appointment, or to enter the testing site. A non-expired, government issued identification will be required.

To take a Computer Based Testing (CBT) examination, complete the following steps:
  1. Register for the examination by completing the IBHRE exam application. All registration fees must be paid in full at the time of registration. At the close of registration, IBHRE will send the full examinee list and applicant data to the testing vendor. This data must be forwarded four months prior to the examination date. Note: Only eligible examinees )those who have submitted online application, required supporting documentation, and payment) will be forwarded. Those with incomplete submissions will not be included in data transfer.
  2. Approximately six weeks after the registration deadline date, you will be sent an email notification that scheduling is open for your exam.
  3. After you complete your exam, your exam is electronically submitted to psychometricians for scoring.
  4. Scores will be available approximately twelve (12) weeks after the examination day.
Scheduling Your Exam Appointment
  1. Go to http://www.prometric.com/ihr
  2. Choose the country and state (if applicable) where you would like to test
  3. Click on Schedule an Appointment
  4. Enter your Eligibility ID (IBHRE Customer ID #) and then the first four letters of your last name.
  5. Enter your location to find the closest Test Centers
  6. Click on Schedule an Appointment next to the center where you would like to test
  7. Click on Find Available Seats on a specific day and then click on GO
  8. The available appointment times will display on the right where you can choose your start time.
  9. Click on the start time you would like and click on Next
  10. Enter your country from the drop down box, your state (if applicable) and the other required (*) information
  11. Enter your email address*, then confirm it in the validate your email field, and confirm or supply a work/day phone number where Prometric could reach you if necessary, then click Next
  12. Click on complete your appointment to finalize the appointment.
  13. You will receive a confirmation email shortly which includes important information about your examination appointment. Retain a copy of your email confirmation for your records.
  14. *In order to schedule online you must provide a valid e-mail address and phone number. This information is necessary for testing vendor to email a Confirmation Notice and to contact you if your appointment must be rescheduled.
If the names on appointment confirmation and ID do not match:
  • Contact IBHRE immediately by e-mail to info@ibhre.org providing the name that appears on your appointment confirmation and the name that appears on your ID.
  • You should receive a new confirmation within 1-2 weeks of submitting your request. Once you receive your new confirmation, you should keep it in a safe place so it will not be lost. Be sure to destroy the original confirmation upon receipt of the new one.
  • You do not need to wait for the new confirmation with the corrected name before scheduling your exam appointment. You may still use the scheduling number and the name that appears on your original confirmation to schedule your appointment. Upon issuance of a new confirmation, the only information that will change is your name. Your scheduling number and CIN number will remain the same.
  • The testing vendor will update your name automatically in its system regardless of whether you have scheduled your appointment or not. IBHRE strongly recommends that you schedule your appointment as soon as you receive your confirmation regardless of any discrepancies in your name.

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