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IBHRE partners with various societies and organizations to provide cardiac arrhythmia professionals additional information and resources.

Affiliated Sites

  • Heart Rhythm Society : The Heart Rhythm Society is the universally recognized leader in science, education and advocacy for cardiac arrhythmia professionals and patients. The Society serves as a primary information resource on heart rhythm disorders. Its core purpose is to improve the care of patients with heart through research, education and promoting optimal health care policies and standards.
    • Professional Education Programs: The Heart Rhythm Society offers several high-quality professional education programs and resources for physicians and allied professionals involved in cardiac arrhythmia management.
    • Clinical Guidelines: The Heart Rhythm Society offers its guidance through scientific and clinical documents to provide three main components vital to advancements in the field: analysis, discussion of current issues, and suggestions for clinical application. The clinical documents can serve as a useful resource to candidates studying for the IBHRE exam.
  • PSI : IBHRE partners with PSI in preparing, administering, and scoring our exams.
  • Japanese Heart Rhythm Society : IBHRE partners with the Japanese Heart Rhythm Society (JHRS) in offering the Japanese language-based administration of the Certification Examination for Competency in Cardiac Rhythm Device Therapy for the Allied Professional.

Relevant Societies And Organizations 

This list includes a select group of organizations that help advance the practice of heart rhythm professionals. It does not include all organizations related to the practice of heart rhythm management.


IBHRE does not recommend any one course of study or means of preparing for the exam over another. IBHRE may promote education and preparation programs, but does not endorse them as the sole recommended resources for exam preparation. Completing a program does not guarantee success on the exam.

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