Online EP Course: The EP Learning ExPerience™

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The EP Learning ExPerience™ will expand upon clinical EP and technical concepts, leading to critical thinking skills for understanding the complexities of clinical EP through a truly unique educational and social forum -- all delivering precisely what you need to become a confident EP professional.

Disclaimer: Completing this online course does not guarantee successful completion of the CEPS exam. The course does not cover all topics included in the CEPS exam blueprint. Purchasing this course does not reduce the cost to apply for certification.

Target Audience:

Allied Professionals, Mid-Level Practitioners, and/or Industry Professionals working in the EP Field.

What's Included:

  • 50+ Interactive learning modules with interactive images, paired with comprehensive study guides
  • 70+ CEUs offered for Nurses and Techs (ARRT Category A+)
  • 400+ Knowledge Check Questions with results feedback
  • Access to learn and share with a network of EP professionals
  • 12 month access, with option to re-subscribe for $297/year

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Cost: $747

Please email CHART at for questions about the course.

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