Verification of Certification

IBHRE recipients have the scientific foundation, clinical skills, and technical knowledge required to provide and facilitate safe quality patient care in the management of arrhythmias. IBHRE certified specialists include more than 11,000 distinguished physicians and allied professionals in 65 countries around the world. 


These health care professionals maintain a level of professionalism and academic credibility in cardiac pacing and electrophysiology consistent with IBHRE standards. IBHRE recognizes competency of its certified professionals through evidence of:

  • Passing of the IBHRE exam
  • Documentation of participation in professional development activities every five years
  • Maintaining good standing and involvement in the heart rhythm management field
  • Recertification by re-examination every ten years

Need verification of IBHRE certification status? Contact IBHRE at for official response.

Verification Request

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