About Computer-Based Testing

Benefits you will experience with Computer-Based Testing:

  • Less travel time
  • Less time away from patients
  • Convenient locations throughout the United States and internationally
  • Privacy and security measures to ensure the integrity of the testing process

Computer-Based Testing Tutorials

Learn how to take a computer based exam to avoid the added stress of trying to figure out how to work the Computer-Based Testing (CBT) program on exam day. Try IBHRE’s CBT tutorials to learn more about program features ahead of time and try your hand at some sample questions. The tutorials include:

  • how to adjust screen brightness through monitor calibration
  • mouse functions
  • screen layout, tool bar and time summary
  • marking items for review, annotating, highlighting and striking out text 
  • calculator and caliper use

An optional 5 to 15 minute tutorial will be provided on the day of the examination. 

CBT Test Center Locations

IBHRE recommends visiting the PSI Test Taker Support link for additional information on registration and testing. In addition, candidates are encouraged to view PSI's Test Center Experience video for more information.


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