Effective 2022, all newly certified individuals will participate in IBHRE-C3. Individuals due to recertify 2021-2031 (CCDS, CEPS, CEPS-A, CEPS-P) have the option to recertify via a comprehensive exam or IBHRE-C3. Note: The first IBHRE-C3 cycle for individuals due to recertify 2021-2031 must be completed by December 31, 2023 (NO EXCEPTIONS).

Certified-Specialists who recertify via a comprehensive exam will be certified for 4 years, not the previously 10 years. The 10-year certification period is being phased out. 

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Recertification (by re-examination)

IBHRE recognizes continued competency through good standing in the practice and involvement in the heart rhythm management field. IBHRE Recertification promotes enhancement of the knowledge and skills essential to the delivery of optimal patient care through re-examination. Recertification is met by the following:

Ten (10) years after passing the exam, certified professionals must re-certify by re-examination. Certified professionals must also attest that they are currently active and involved in the field of cardiac rhythm management and that they remain in good standing within the medical community. Candidates who do not meet these requirements will lapse in their certification. Candidates with lapsed certification will be required to take the exam as initial candidate and pay first-time fees. (Effective January 1, 2010). 

Note: Specialists due to recertify thru 2031 who plan to sit for the exam should submit Verification of Continuing Education (VCE).

Recertification Process

Ten years after achieving initial certification, certified professionals must:

  • Achieve re-certification by re-taking and passing the respective examination associated with their certification
  • Indicate on their exam application that they are taking the exam to recertify and should complete the exam by the end of the tenth year.
  • Submit the applicable exam fees and provide all necessary documentation to meet the stated exam eligibility requirements in order to qualify for the exam. 

Additional Information for Recertification Candidates:

  • Upon successful completion of the exam, candidates will be automatically re-certified in the IBHRE database.
  • They may only register for the exam administered during their year of recertification or one year prior.
  • Candidates who do not pass the exam must take the examination again to re-instate their credential.


Recertifying candidates are only required to pay the application fee to take the examination. Exam application forms must be filed by their respective registration deadlines. Fees vary depending on the exam. Please visit the application page in the Exam Information to learn more about the cost of the exam.

IBHRE Clauses and Exemptions

Click here to download more information on IBHRE's Clauses and Exemptions regarding:

  • Incomplete Applications
  • Extensions
  • Consequences for not meeting requirements
  • Reinstatement
  • Exemption of IBHRE Test Writing Committee Members
  • Audit Provisions

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