Value of IBHRE Certification

IBHRE has something to offer in terms of improving your knowledge base in electrophysiology and devices, as well as in verifying that you have already achieved a solid fund of knowledge in these areas for all professional groups.

  • Are you a physician who completed a training program in cardiac electrophysiology?
  • Or an allied professional who has become involved in cardiac electrophysiology over the past few years?
  • On the other hand, are you a technologist who is an expert at invasive cardiology procedures, but perhaps not as facile with electrophysiology procedures or pacemaker or defibrillator interrogation or troubleshooting?
  • Or a physician who is meeting Heart Rhythm Society recommendations for ICD and CRT implantation?

Learn Why IBHRE Certification Is Your Pathway To Success

The exam allows an opportunity to study core topics in heart rhythm management more intensively to improve knowledge of the examinee in these critical areas. Taking the examination will allow you to identify potential areas of weakness, in which further study is advisable. For example, although device therapy is taught in clinical cardiac electrophysiology training programs, extensive, formal training in electrogram interpretation, timing intervals, and troubleshooting is not always available as they present themselves in the clinical arena. Carrying the IBHRE credential of excellence is considered a valuable asset for professionals caring for device patients, whether your main employment setting is the hospital, the clinic, or industry.

Whether as a review, as preparation for another credential in heart rhythm management, or as an assessment of current knowledge in pacing, defibrillation, or electrophysiology, IBHRE offers an excellent vehicle to achieve those goals.

Achieving Global Excellence in Heart Rhythm Management