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These resources help certified practitioners celebrate the day, and provide employers with resources to recognize specialists on their team.

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Elevating Heart Rhythm Practitioners

IBHRE Day is designated to globally recognize the more than 11,000 physicians and allied professionals who have undergone the rigorous process of validating their skills through IBHRE's certification process. These practitioners specialize in electorphysiology, cardiac device therapy, and cardiac device remote monitoring, and have earned one or more IBHRE certification, including the CCDS, CEPS, CEPS-A, CEPS-P or CDRMS credential. They live in countries around the world and work in various settings including hospitals, device clinics, laboratories, medical schools, and cardiac device manufacturing.

The Importance of IBHRE Day

"Our organization took the IBHRE Day celebration seriously for our two employees who are certified. Thanks for organizing this and all the hard work you do! Electrophysiology has become a major part of our patient volume over time. There has been a huge need for competent EP Techs and Nurses to deliver the quality of care needed to complete very complex procedures. The quality of education we have received through HRS over the years has been invaluable to our organization. We look forward to our continued association with HRS and IBHRE in the future for our ever evolving field and the competency needed in an ever changing field!"

-Barry Gibson RN/BSN CEPS, RCES, RCIS 

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