Physician CCDS Exam Eligibility Policy

The purpose of this policy is to articulate and define the standard eligibility requirement held by IBHRE to qualify for the above stated certification exam and the documentation required from candidates to prove eligibility.



Each applicant for the Cardiac Rhythm Device Therapy Examination for the Physician must be a licensed physician involved in the practice of heart rhythm management. Physicians applying for the certification must also:

  • Have completed a fellowship in Cardiology (adult or pediatric) or Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology


  • Have documented a minimum of one year of direct, substantial involvement in the care of cardiac rhythm device therapy patients. Exposure includes a minimum of 100 device interrogations with reprogramming as needed. The devices should include pacemakers, implantable defibrillators, cardiac resynchronization devices and implantable loop recorders/cardiac monitors.


Required Documentation:

Upon submitting an application for the exam, all candidates must provide appropriate documentation as evidence of the candidate’s eligibility:

  • Physicians must include a copy of their current medical license from the state, province or country where they currently practice with their application.
  • Physicians must include a copy of their certificate/diploma of completion of medical school and residency programs specifying dates of completion.
  • Physicians must include a certificate of completion of the necessary fellowship training program or attestation from a supervisor or colleague verifying direct involvement in managing device therapy for patients for a minimum of one year (refer to IBHRE's eligibility requirements). 

IBHRE reserves the right to independently verify the licenses, credentials and employment status of all examination candidates. The candidate’s signature on his or her examination application duly authorizes IBHRE to conduct such independent verification.

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