IBHRE-C3 Process

IBHRE-C3 is a continuous competency process based on certified specialists’ successful completion of 12 online assessments (per certification) within a two-year cycle. Formative in nature, C3 helps to identify your knowledge gaps while incorporating emerging trends and urgent issues in heart rhythm management.

Extensions are not granted for completion of a C3 cycle; there are no extensions.

"The overall IBHRE-C3 program is well-configured and easy to access and navigate. The articles are very wide ranging and varied. I was able to read an article, take the assessment, and complete in about an hour!"

John R. Ferrante, ASN, RN, FHRS, CEPS, CCDS

The process has three stages:  Literature Review, Content Retention, and Knowledge Validation.


Literature Review

In the Literature Review stage, specialists review scientific literature, including published manuscripts, journal articles, peer papers, and consensus statements on topics related to their area of expertise. IBHRE has provided a list of selected articles reflective of topics in the certification exam outline. Selected articles will be added regularly to the reading lists.

Selected Articles 

Content Retention

Although IBHRE-C3 is based on an open-book format, content retention is a critical component of the assessment process. As these readings introduce specialists to new and cutting-edge concepts and principles relevant to their specialty area, the content retention stage has practical implications for practitioners.


Knowledge Validation: C3 Assessments

Immediately after each literary review, specialists are required to successfully complete an assessment via the C3 online portal. Each assessment contains five questions based upon the principal of the article. Specialists must answer at least four (4) out of five (5) questions correctly— or score at least 80 percent—on the first try.  Specialists are required to successfully complete 12 assessments during each C3 cycle. Assessments will be added regularly to allow for the successful completion of 12 assessments within a cycle.

Failure to successfully complete an IBHRE-C3 cycle will result in a lapse of certification. If certification lapses, specialists are required to successfully complete the comprehensive exam again.


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" I really like how the IBHRE-C3 login page is presented and how the progress bars make it easy to manage my time of how many articles I am required to read and be assessed on. In the event of getting an answer wrong, I found it helpful reviewing the explanation and learning from them. So overall, it's easy to access and a positive experience! 😊"

Leanne Rogers, CCDS

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