IBHRE-C3 Registration

Effective 2022, all newly certified individuals will participate in IBHRE-C3. Individuals due to recertify 2021-2031 (CCDS, CEPS, CEPS-A, CEPS-P) who did not complete the 2022-2023 C3 cycle must recertify via a comprehensive exam.  Note: The 2024-2025 C3 cycle is now available. 

Specialists who completed the 2022-2023 C3 cycle may now enroll in the 2024-2025 C3 cycle. Specialists who earned CDRMS certification in 2021 must enroll in the current (2024-2025) C3 cycle. Specialists not enrolled in C3 are required to sit for the comprehensive maintenance exam.

Note:  All eligible specialists are notified when enrollment is open.  

Specialists are encouraged to register early to give themselves adequate time to complete the required 12 assessments by the end of their two-year cycle. IBHRE-C3 registration. Note: You must successfully complete 12 assessments by December 31, 2025 to maintain your certification. IBHRE-C3 is not based upon a rolling calendar year - each cycle has a specific timeframe.

Extensions are not granted for completion of a C3 cycle; there are no extensions.

IMPORTANT TO KNOWWhen accessing your IBHRE-C3 account, please be sure to use your existing IBHRE/HRS login and password rather than create a new account. By creating a new account, your IBHRE certification and other information from your existing account will no longer appear on any new account created. If you no longer have access to the email for your existing account, please email C3@ibhre.org so that the email address can be updated. Be sure to include your new email address and the email address associated with your existing account. Please DO NOT create a new IBHRE/HRS account.




You must enroll and complete the 2024-2025 C3 cycle by December 31, 2025. Enrollment is conducted online at the IBHRE-C3 portal. The enrollment fee is $199. IBHRE reserves the right to adjust fees for the IBHRE-C3 program in future years. Specialists are encouraged to register early so that they have adequate time to complete the required 12 assessments.


Registration Fee

IBHRE-C3 registration fee is $199 for each C3 cycle.

Questions? Contact IBHRE.

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