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Online Device Course

The Cardiac Device Education and Self-Assessment Course is a self-paced tool with 18 modules of content.

HRS Core Concepts in EP Board Prep

This course has evolved from the Society’s highly regarded Board Review Course and is designed to better serve a wider audience within the EP community.

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Study Tips & Reading Lists

Find tips for candidates preparing to take any of the IBHRE certification exams as well texts listed as possible resources for the exam.

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Achieving IBHRE certification symbolizes your commitment to excellence in heart rhythm management. Preparation is key for your success. NoteWhile IBHRE offers educational resources, it does not offer training.

In this section you’ll find a:

  • link to the Candidate Handbook that includes a detailed content outline for each exam so you know exactly what to study
  • comprehensive reading list for each
  • affiliated prep course 
  • list of related links to extended affiliated programs

We trust you will find these tools helpful and wish you much success!

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