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“Device management is a constant challenge with ongoing evolution of features to meet individual patient needs; certification works toward challenging the health care professional for the better of the patient.”

Barbara Brotz, RN , CCDS

You are an IBHRE success story and your experience can help to encourage others who are preparing to become IBHRE Certified. Selected stories will be featured on IBHRE’s website, newsletter or other marketing materials to inspire others in the profession. 

IBHRE invites all certified professionals and employers to share their story about their pathway to IBHRE certification.

  • What motivates you to pursue IBHRE certification?
  • What unique study techniques did you embrace?
  • How long did you prepare?
  • How did you create a work and study balance?
  • Why did you take the exam and how has it helped advance your career?

Share Your Story

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