Credentialing & Trends in Cardiac Device Remote Monitoring (Webinar)

Event Date

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Utilized for decades in caring for cardiac device patients, the use of Remote Patient Monitoring is steadily increasing.  In fact, evolution in RPM has made it necessary for allied health professionals to stay current on the latest practices and technological advances. Consequently, validating one’s skill and competency level by earning a professional certification has become a game changer for allied professionals seeking to advance their career.


In this webinar, IBHRE subject matter experts and specialists in remote patient monitoring will discuss:

  • Trends in cardiac device remote monitoring;

  • Required competency and skill levels for allied professionals;

  • Introduction to IBHRE’s newest certification, the Cardiac Device Remote Monitoring Specialist (CDRMS);

  • Who Should Pursue the CDRMS;

  • The Difference Between the CDRMS and CCDS certifications;

  • CDRMS Eligibility Requirements;

  • How to communicate the value of the CDRMS credential to your employer; and

  • The CDRMS Exam & Exam Prep Resources.

Registration is free but required.


Final registration deadline date

Thursday, April 22, 2021

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