Why IBHRE Pacing?

Melanie Gura
Melanie T. Gura, RN, MSN, CNS, FHRS, CCDS · Hudson, Ohio · Pacing Test Writing Committee Member

Advances in the diagnosis and management of patients with cardiac rhythm disorders has warranted a need for a subspecialty of health care professionals dedicated to providing quality care to this patient population. Nurses, as highly skilled individuals, are dedicated to their professional roles. Professional nurses comprehend and accept their moral obligations through the concept of patient advocacy. Perceiving patients as their central focus, nurses act to support and protect the patient’s right to quality health care. Nurses can safeguard patient advocacy by promoting the advanced knowledge and skills necessary for this subspecialty. IBHRE can assist you in the acquisition of this specialized knowledge and improving your clinical skills. IBHRE certification affirms the specialty knowledge and skills needed to deliver high quality care to patients with cardiac rhythm disorders. Other benefits of IBHRE certification include peer respect and professional recognition, career advancement with increased autonomy, the ability to meet competency standards, better job security with health care reform and down-sizing, recognition by the community and insurance companies as a quality provider, and personal growth and satisfaction.

Achieving Global Excellence in Heart Rhythm Management