Why IBHRE Electrophysiology?

Dr. Platia
Edward V. Platia, MD, FHRS, CCDS, CEPS · Washington, DC · EP Test Writing Committee Chair

As a practicing electrophysiologist who works with EP professionals every day — be they technologists, nurses, or industry representatives — I value, and indeed depend on, their professionalism and expertise. In today’s medical workplace and in our field in particular, it is essential that the associate EP professional have a broad base of highly technical knowledge. Maintaining high quality of medical care mandates the use of high standards. Anyone who has received IBHRE certification has demonstrated a high level of technical proficiency and knowledge in the field. One has achieved a certain knowledge base, has kept abreast of technical advances, and has shown a commitment to continuing medical education. These are tangible attributes highly sought after and respected in the workplace. They mark the individual as one who strives to excel — a professional I want on my team.

Achieving Global Excellence in Heart Rhythm Management