Why Employers Support IBHRE Certification

The certification has been adopted by international health care ministries as the standard of competency for health care professionals. A majority of industry and clinical employers now require the certification for hire and career advancement. Here are the top five reasons employers support IBHRE Certification:

  • To honor the public’s trust in assuring safe and effective care
  • Knowledge that their physicians and allied professionals have met rigorous national and international requirements
  • Confirmation that physicians and allied professionals are role models of professional accountability
  • A commitment to safety and quality in patient care through robust support of certification, continuing education and recertification
  • A means to recruit and retain qualified heart rhythm professionals

IBHRE Surveys Indicate:

  • IBHRE Certification is recognized as an integral part of heart rhythm education and training requirements. 
  • Organizations and hospitals recognize a higher level of performance from staff who are IBHRE certified. IBHRE certified professionals are report a higher sense of personal satisfaction, proficiency, salary, as well as an increased level of confidence in their interactions with colleagues.
  • Employers associate IBHRE certification with seniority, leadership roles, increased responsibility, and direct involvement in staff education and training activities.
  • Physicians benefit from the certification through increase in credibility, personal satisfaction, colleague recognition, and implanting privileges for requiring hospitals.
  • Allied professionals profit through some form of employer recognition (pay increase, promotion, increased respect, and credibility).

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