Why Certify?

Professional Achievement: Certified professionals have distinguished themselves in their career

Professional Opportunities: Certified professionals  have influence and input among their colleagues

Career Advancement: Certified professionals professionals advance in the workplace

Personal Accomplishment: Certified professionals routinely report a sense of pride, fulfillment and empowerment as a result of passing the exam

IBHRE Surveys Indicate:

  • Employers associate IBHRE certification with seniority, leadership roles, increased responsibility, and direct involvement in staff education and training activities.
  • Physicians benefit from the certification through increase in credibility, personal satisfaction, colleague recognition, and implanting privileges for requiring hospitals.
  • Allied professionals profit through some form of employer recognition (pay increase, promotion, increased respect, and credibility).
  • The certification provides patients with confidence and reassurance that their health care provider is experienced, competent and qualified.

Heart Rhythm Society Validation

The Heart Rhythm Society (HRS) has endorsed IBHRE Certification in:

Achieving Global Excellence in Heart Rhythm Management