Professional Growth and IBHRE

Christine Chiu-Man, BSc, MS, FHRS, CCDS, CEPS
Christine Chiu-Man, BSc, MS, FHRS, CCDS, CEPS · Toronto, Ontario, Canada · EP Test Writing Committee Member 

Marleen Irwin, RRT, FHRS, CCDS
Marleen Irwin, RRT, FHRS, CCDS · Edmonton, Alberta, Canada · Pacing Test Writing Committee Member

In this challenging era of growth in the specialty of cardiac electrophysiology and device management of cardiac rhythm disorders, there is a greater demand for technologists, therapists, clinical specialists, research associates and engineers who have knowledge in this specialty. Our society demands accountability along with the safe provision of health care. Throughout North America the expectation is that patient care is provided by competent and skilled personnel with recognized training, and credentials. There is greater emphasis on continuous, life long learning and professional development. For all these reasons, we should choose to write the exam(s) that IBHRE offers. Not only does the exam validate our knowledge, it is also recognized internationally as the preeminent examination in the specialty. Receiving certification from IBHRE promotes recognition and respect amongst our colleagues and assurance to our patients.

This is more than successful completion of the certification examination for competency; it is about a process that begins when we pick up our first book on the reading list and continues as long as we are practicing in this specialty. It is about our commitment to higher professional and personal standards.

The IBHRE Exam is part of the process that takes us toward professional growth, and by this process, we add to our worth!

Achieving Global Excellence in Heart Rhythm Management