IBHRE: Road to Standardization

The level of expertise has never been higher and expectations have never been greater. It is crucial that professionals are as knowledgeable and demonstrate competence for us to emerge as a stable, viable, and credible profession. The IBHRE exam is one way to ensure competency in cardiac electrophysiology and device management of cardiac rhythm disorders.

What is standardization? While standardization is NOT a license to practice, it can help guarantee quality of patient care, maintain overall excellence in care, protect the public, and protect the profession from unqualified competitors. It can help establish credibility while also providing other benefits, such as, job security and additional income.

Several elements are required before standardization can develop: a curriculum of minimally acceptable knowledge, training by an accredited program, experience, a testing methodology, and a review of the process. We know now what level of expertise is required to be proficient in this field and is reflected in the IBHRE Exam. The IBHRE Exams are objective, accurate, reliable, non-discriminatory and measures required educational standards. For those who would like to demonstrate knowledge of the field, or to see how you measure up against other professionals in cardiac electrophysiology, IBHRE offers an excellent opportunity to achieve that goal.

Taking the IBHRE exam will have an immediate benefit because:

  • You will have a benchmark to compare yourself against your peers and colleagues
  • You are helping to establish and define a profile of expertise for a unique force of physicians and allied professionals.
  • You will gain new insight into knowledge of important issues regarding EP and device therapy and where your aptitudes require strengthening. A passing score can provide confidence and inspiration to grow further with the profession.

Achieving Global Excellence in Heart Rhythm Management