Benefits of IBHRE Certification

IBHRE offers four unique certification examinations designed to demonstrate knowledge in cardiac rhythm management:

The IBHRE Certification Program:

  • Serves as a validation of your cardiac pacing and electrophysiology qualifications. 
  • Recognizes your achievement of an international standard that goes beyond the scope of licensure.
  • Successfully measures your knowledge based on predetermined standards in heart rhythm management.

The IBHRE Exam:

  • Covers a broad knowledge base in the sub-specialties of cardiac pacing and electrophysiology and is defined by each certification's respective exam content outline.
  • Signifies that a practitioner is professionally competent in their respective sub-specialty, and has the clinical and technical knowledge to provide safe, optimal care to their patients through successful completion.
  • Supported by our certification policy and requirements for maintaining and renewing certification to provide a standard of quality and validity.
  • Reflects our ongoing commitment to fostering professional excellence and upholding the highest standards of care in the field of heart rhythm management.

For more information about how to become IBHRE Certified, visit the Exam Information section.

Achieving Global Excellence in Heart Rhythm Management