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IBHRE regularly features certified professionals by having them share their story as it relates to the value of certification. Here, IBHRE Ambassador, Eric Olsen, BSE, MBA, MSE, CEPS, Cardiac Device Remote Monitoring Specialist (CDRMS), of Octagos Health in Houston, TX shares his story.


Why is IBHRE certification important?
"The IBHRE certification is the gold standard in terms of cardiac device and electrophysiology certifications. The ability for an individual to successfully pass an IBHRE exam is a significant career milestone and benchmark that enhances credibility and patient care."

What is the first thing that comes to mind about your IBHRE certification?
"The IBHRE CDRMS certification demonstrates a high level of knowledge and understanding of arrhythmia and device management with a specific focus on the remote monitoring aspect of cardiac implantable electronic devices (CIEDs). The certification demonstrates mastery in rhythm recognition, device/lead function, remote service management, diagnostic monitoring and overall device technology. The certification also shows a commitment to continued learning and increases credibility within the cardiac device community."

How does IBHRE certification lead to improved outcomes?
"As the connectivity of patients continues to accelerate with more and more connected devices and sensors, it is imperative that healthcare industry is able to support this exponential increase in patient data. Physicians are often overwhelmed with data and need tools to help filter what is important and actionable. The CDRMS certification is a strong barometer of being able to effectively and efficiently manage this type of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) data and be that "tool" to assist physicians in managing cardiac data."

How does the IBHRE certification benefit the field of heart rhythm management?
"CIEDs are arguably the most complex medical devices in the world with hundreds of data points and extensive reports that need to be reviewed and interpreted to provide the highest level of patient care. It is a Class IA indication to remotely monitor CIEDs where it is impossible to do so without high quality professionals working closely with different digital health platforms. The IBHRE certification provides reassurance that the professionals involved in RPM are highly capable of supporting physicians."

What advice would you give to anyone considering IBHRE certification?
"The world of digital health is not slowing down and if you want to be at the forefront of cardiac technology the CDRMS certification is a great benchmark and differentiator. I can attest to this firsthand as someone who runs operations for a digital health company that only hires IBHRE certified individuals to manage RPM. If interested in learning more, I recommend that you reach out to myself or other IBHRE mentors to assist with exam preparation and explore possible career paths. See below for important links."



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