IBHRE Spotlight

IBHRE continues to celebrate its 35th Anniversary by having IBHRE-certified professionals share their story as it relates to the value of certification. Siobháin Sullivan, BS, CCDS of Boston Scientific in the United Kingdom is featured this month.


Why is IBHRE certification important?

"IBHRE certification is important for any Health Care Professional (HCP) who wishes to advance their career in Cardiac Device Therapies & Electrophysiology. Achieving IBHRE certification serves as an internationally recognized reminder that an individual is committed to the highest standard of patient care and has a passion for knowledge in their discipline.

What is the first thing that comes to mind about your IBHRE certification?

"Pride. This certification is not easily achieved, so the first thing that comes to mind when I think about my certification is pride because it is all the more rewarding to pass!

How does IBHRE certification lead to improved outcomes?

"Achieving IBHRE certification is like achieving a passport to the next level in your cardiology career. The countless hours of studying, plus the very real scenario questions make these examinations an excellent way to expand any HCPs career horizons."

How does the IBHRE certification benefit the field of heart rhythm management?

"The exams don't simply focus on any one singular area of clinical practice within cardiac devices or electrophysiology. Instead, it has various weighted sections which are designed to help broaden the knowledge base of any person who takes them." 

What advice would you give to anyone considering IBHRE certification?

"My advice would be to simply do it! Within healthcare, we are nothing if we are not constantly learning and adapting to the world around us. By sitting IBHRE exams, you are putting yourself forward to strive to be someone better, not just for your patients but also for yourself.

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