IBHRE-C3 Frequently Asked Questions

Effective 2022, all newly certified individuals will participate in IBHRE-C3. Individuals due to recertify 2021-2031 (CCDS, CEPS, CEPS-A, CEPS-P) who did not complete the 2022-2023 C3 cycle must recertify via a comprehensive exam.  Note: The 2024-2025 C3 cycle is now available. 

I've completed the 2022-2023 cycle of IBHRE-C3, do I need to enroll in and complete the 2024-2025 cycle?

Yes, if you completed the 2022-2023 cycle you must enroll in and complete the 2024-2025 cycle. The 2024-2025 cycle is available now and must be completed by December 31, 2025. You are encouraged to enroll now to maximize your time to complete C3. *See IBHRE-C3 Cycles table below for more information.


What is IBHRE-C3?
IBHRE—Continuous Competency, Continuous Learning, Continuous Certification (C3) is IBHRE’s new maintenance program that enables certified specialists to maintain their certification every two years by passing 12 online assessments. IBHRE-C3 assessments replace the traditional 10-year maintenance examination.

Will IBHRE-C3 apply to all IBHRE-certified specialists?
Yes. IBHRE-C3 enrollment is required by practitioners with the following credentials:

  • Certified Cardiac Device Specialist (CCDS)
  • Certified Electrophysiology Specialist (CEPS)
  • Cardiac Device Remote Monitoring Specialist (CDRMS) 
  • Certified Electrophysiology Specialist – Adult (CEPS-A)
  • Certified Electrophysiology Specialist – Pediatric (CEPS-P)

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How does IBHRE-C3 differ from the previous recertification process?
IBHRE-C3 is completely different than the traditional certification maintenance process.  It moves away from the mandatory 10-year maintenance examination to an ongoing assessment experience designed to keep specialists abreast of innovative trends and developments in their field. Unlike in-person exams that are administered at testing centers, IBHRE-C3 is a fully online, self-paced process that can be completed in the privacy of your home or office.

Click here to compare C3 to IBHRE’s traditional exam.

What is an IBHRE-C3 Assessment?

An IBHRE-C3 assessment is a tool used to evaluate a specialist’s understanding and retention of concepts and practices reviewed in a scientific article.  It is an innovative approach to longitudinal assessments which includes an open book quiz.

The quiz consists of five questions derived from concepts and principles presented in the article. IBHRE-C3 offers a list of scientific literature in the field of cardiac rhythm therapy, electrophysiology, and cardiac device remote monitoring, including published and peer-authored manuscripts, journal articles, and consensus statements from reputable journals and professional organizations.

Specialists choose from assessment topics that are based on certification exam content outlines. Articles supporting the topics are identified by the IBHRE-C3 Committee, a team of highly qualified IBHRE-certified practitioners who carefully review each recommended article.

To maintain certification, specialists must pass 12 assessments in their specialty area.  Failure to complete the required number of assessments during the two-year cycle will result in a lapse of certification. 

How are assessments developed and scored?
Assessments are written by members of the IBHRE Test Writing Committee and are based on competencies, or domains, listed in IBHRE-C3 topics list.  Each assessment includes five multiple-choice questions and covers one topic.  Assessments are brief and are not timed allowing specialists to work at their own pace. 

A minimum score of 80% is required to pass, meaning that at least four out of five questions must be answered correctly.  Specialists have only one attempt at answering each question.  Upon completing the assessment, a final score is automatically generated through the IBHRE-C3 portal and can only be viewed during this session. Once the specialist has passed 12 assessments, he/she cannot return to the assessment section of the portal. Assessment results reveal the specialist’s performance and a community comparison score so that the specialist can see how his/her performance measures among peers.  In addition, specialists are able to track their completion status during the assessment session allowing specialists to pause the assessment and return at a later time.

How do I register?
Click here to access the C3 portal. When you login with your current IBHRE/HRS account click on the Registration tab to view the C3 enrollment(s) available according to your certification(s). 

How is my expiration date impacted by IBHRE-C3 participation?
IBHRE-C3 is based upon a two-year certification cycle. By completing C3, your certification expiration date is automatically updated in your IBHRE record to reflect the two-year C3 cycle expiration. For example, when you complete the requirements for  C3, your certification expiration is updated to the end of the next C3 cycle. See C3 Completion table below.

NOTE: Specialists due to recertify to 2031 who will sit for the comprehensive exam and pass, will have a valid certification for four (4) years instead of 10 years. To maintain their certification post this period, specialists are required to enroll in IBHRE-C3 and complete two-year cycles.  

Can I enroll if I have multiple certifications?
Yes.  C3 completion applies to each certification.  When specialists enroll, they must pay for each certification and complete assessments in each of their certification tracks.

If I enroll now, do I have two years from my enrollment date to complete IBHRE-C3?
The two-year IBHRE-C3 cycle is not on a rolling calendar basis.  This means C3 cycles do not begin when specialists enroll.  A delay in beginning the assessment process shortens the 2-year period available to complete the required number of assessments. Therefore, it is very important to enroll at the beginning of a C3 cycle to have the full two years to meet the 12-assessment requirement.

Extensions are not granted for completion of a C3 cycle; there are no extensions.

Each C3 cycle is scheduled as follows:

*IBHRE-C3 Cycles
Below is a schedule of IBHRE-C3 cycles:



January 2024

December 2025

January 2026

December 2027

January 2028

December 2029

January 2030

December 2031

January 2032

December 2033

January 2034

December 2035


The last offering of the comprehensive examination for maintaining certification will be in 2031.  Should you elect NOT to enroll in C3 during this current cycle ending December 2023, you will be required to sit for the comprehensive examination during your tenth year (through 2031).  Failure to enroll in the current C3 cycle or sit for the comprehensive examination by your tenth year will result in a lapse of your IBHRE credential.

What computer system is compatible with the C3 platform, Oasis?

Windows Requirements:

  • Operating system: Windows 10+
  • Browser: Chrome v90.0+, Firefox v84.0+, Edge v90.0+
  • Internet connection: DSL, cable modem, or other high-speed connection

Macintosh Requirements:

  • Operating system: Mac OS X 10.6.8+
  • Browser: Mozilla Firefox v84.0+, Safari 14+, Chrome v90.0+
  • Internet connection: DSL, cable modem, or other high-speed connection

Are CMEs or other continuing education credits offered for completing IBHRE-C3?
No, IBHRE does not offer CME or continuing education credits for the completion of an IBHRE-C3 cycle.

I want to enroll in C3 but my email address has changed and I cannot access my IBHRE/HRS account to opt-in.
PLEASE DO NOT create a new account!  Contact IBHRE, provide your new email address and your account will be updated.

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