IBHRE Spotlight

IBHRE continues to celebrate its 35th Anniversary by having IBHRE Ambassadors share their story as it relates to the value of certification. Frances C. Munkenbeck, MA, MD, FHRS, CCDS of McKenzie Heart Associates in Eugene, Oregon is featured this month.


Why is IBHRE certification important?

"IBHRE certification is important as it gives you breadth of knowledge that you don't ordinarily. Training for the exam gives the skill for what one sees day to day"

What is the first thing that comes to mind about your IBHRE certification?

"I learned so much by studying for IBHRE certification. It gives the framework to help me understand what I see every day in caring for patients."

How does IBHRE certification lead to improved outcomes?

"IBHRE certification gives people a great foundation in doing work in the field of EP. It is not an easy exam, but it asks critical questions that gives one the skills to do care in EP in a thoughtful, skillful way. It also gives you confidence in whatever you may see in caring for the patient."

How does the IBHRE certification benefit the field of heart rhythm management?


What advice would you give to anyone considering IBHRE certification?

"I advise anyone considering IBHRE certification to just do it. It gives one a great breadth of knowledge and the skills to do day-to-day heart rhythm management. It also may help you find a new road to travel in the world of EP. I have mentored some allied professionals who have grown so much. It has been wonderful to see how they have blossomed taking on new roles and possibilities."

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