IBHRE Spotlight

IBHRE continues to celebrate its 35th Anniversary by having IBHRE-certified professionals share their story as it relates to the value of certification. Chris Meadows, MHA, FHRS, CCDS of Biotronik in Charlotte, North Carolina is featured this month.


Why is IBHRE certification important?

"The IBHRE certification is important because it is a formal commitment to delivering safe and effective care for cardiac patients. The professional commitment demonstrates competency and offers reassurance to cardiac patients seeking a particular level of expertise during the course of their care.

What is the first thing that comes to mind about your IBHRE certification?

"The first thought that comes to mind is preparation! The exam is a challenging, yet rewarding experience. Successful candidates must be prepared to hone their clinical knowledge in preparation for the examination. Additionally, the certification process requires an understanding of basic science, applied science and technology, and management of bradyarrhythmias and tachyarrhythmias. One recommendation for success is to connect with other professionals in your network who are considering IBHRE certification. Once you have identified those colleagues, proactively reach out at least one year in advance and discuss your respective goals. The collaboration may help with accountability and motivation while advancing the heart rhythm management community.

How does IBHRE certification lead to improved outcomes?

"Improving outcomes by way of professional certification can become rather convoluted and scientific very quickly. In an attempt to simplify, I think about how IBHRE certification improves outcomes in two ways. First, the organization's certification process has made outcomes a priority and includes the quality of care delivered to patients in the mission statement. Second, the organization leads by example as an accredited program by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). The ANSI was founded in 1918 and remains a global leader of conformity systems largely due to its rigorous assessment process and standards."

How does the IBHRE certification benefit the field of heart rhythm management?

"IBHRE has had a profound impact on the field of heart rhythm management. I couldn't help but think about IBHRE's history when formulating a response to this question. The original intent was to serve as a credentialing pathway in lieu of board certification, which didn't exist at the time. Fast forward to today and the organization represents a strong member base dedicated to increasing knowledge in pursuit of improving the quality of care available to patients." 

What advice would you give to anyone considering IBHRE certification?

"I have two pieces of advice for professionals considering IBHRE certification. The first is to associate the journey of preparation and examination with clinical experience to maximize the utility of knowledge gained. The second is to position your success in a manner that serves as a launching pad for the rest of your heart rhythm management career. The body of knowledge required for successful examination is capable of facilitating inconceivable career heights.

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